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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Big night on Corrie last night. Who knew Kal wore glasses?! I was as surprised as Gail was by this.

Oh and Rob killed Tina, in an accidental manner during a tussle. His facial expression after she fell seemed to say "Ooh 'eck" rather than "Take that, bitch" (he'd have been allowed to say bitch; it was a post-watershed episode).

The tussle went on too long for me really. Tension was waning rather than building as the tussle continued. I could have done with that being a shorter scene. The characters kept repeating themselves (which obviously happens in real-life arguments, but if I wanted to watch one of those I'd knock my lounge through to join that of my unhappy neighbours).

However: a good, engaging episode, and I'm looking forward to the fallout (hopefully lots of sleuthing and screaming will ensue).

Tracy's encounter with the Scouse scally ("Be careful in doze eeeelzz") was enjoyable, as was her driving the van with music pumping out: subtle as ever, love her.

And I'm glad Tina got a chance to mention the stolen hairdryers just moments before her death. I like the hairdryers storyline, it puts me in mind of Valerie Barlow (RIP).

Not sure about the "You could have done so much better Tina *caresses her face*" line from Rob. Seemed a bit half-hearted. I think we're going to be invited to sympathise with his post-murder turmoil, hence not making him too awful on the night.

Plenty to look forward to: Tracy covering her criminal tracks, Peter and Carla as murder suspects (not sure about Peter's uncharacteristic simultaneous honesty and sobriety last night though, and I wish Carla had got more screen-time). And most importantly, will Deirdre ever get a chance to find out what Rob's favourite film is? (EDIT: Just been reminded it was Jaws, I must have forgotten that in all the excitement. Also... THE CAT EXCUSE!? Nice one, Peter.)

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