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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Dead again

Coronation Street, 28th May 2014

Noise-wise, Rob's frightened breathing at the start of tonight's episode was matched only by Tina's very-much-not-dead groans. She fell silent soon enough, of course. Rob eyeing up the lead piping in the skip turned this into a lifesize working-class game of Cluedo. So much more interesting than a bunch of toffs in a mansion; even though there's no whodunnit mystery left for viewers, there's plenty of exciting suspicion amongst the characters.

I loved Rob and Tracy accidentally meeting at the back gate as they both snuck home from their illegal activities. The sound of sirens signalled a mutual agreement to not talk about where they'd both been, for now at least. 

My favourite scene though was Steve trying to cheer Peter up with the thought that it might "all blow over", while Michelle and Liz laid into him, both clutching glasses of Chardonnay. It was like a Salfordian version of Kath and Kim's "wine time", especially when Liz proclaimed Peter a "jellyfish".

Talking of Salford, I've been having discussions on Facebook about Rob pronouncing Ordsall wrongly in last night's episode. I'm surprised that happened... Not Marc Baylis's fault, but there should be a local pronunciation expert to hand, surely? Actually, I've had conversations recently about whether the ginnel (that all-important location) is even called a ginnel in Salford. Some suggest it's called an entry. Further research needed. 

The quick cut to Beth popping a cork at the very moment Rob bashed Tina's brains out was a nice touch. Seems she's hanging on in there though. All that glossy hair must offer some protection. 

Elsewhere, Anna has told Owen about what happened between her and Phelan. Excellent writing and performances in those scenes, capturing exactly what it's like when things fall apart. 

Carla's falling-apart dialogue was perhaps less convincing: a few cliches and un-Carla-ish comments, though I guess cliches are what comes out first in times of real-life crisis. There was one killer line though: "I have never felt so pregnant." It made me gasp.

Peter's lines did a great job of making him come across like a wimp and a chump and a truly deplorable person. Great performances from both actors as Peter finally came clean, seemingly in an attempt to duck any further responsibility for anything, ever again. If anyone wants throwing off a balcony, it's him.

Final mention for Drunk Deirdre, hollering up the stairs to Rob and Tracy's empty bed, then returning to the pub to bash on the lounge door while Peter cowered inside. He really is a jellyfish. 

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