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Monday, 26 May 2014


That was the fastest, wittiest, most dramatic and exciting piece of TV I've seen for ages. 

Tonight's Coronation Street set the scene for Tina's murder and subsequent tensions. I have to go to bed so here's a quick list of the highlights (no spoilers, don't worry):

Reference to Deirdre's chain-link belts.

Tony's obvious ill-intent towards Tracy.

Tina and Rita's honest conversation in the Kabin.

Liz's instructions on how to drink sambuca.

David doing Tracy's up-do for the party.

Rob and Tracy's celebratory engagement banner (I want that on my wall).

Anna's and Owen's nervousness in the hotel room. I love them.

Leanne avoiding Nick and Gail by inventing a celery crisis.

And of course the brilliant dialogue and performances from everyone involved in the murder storyline. It seemed like the actors were buzzing that it is finally all coming to a head and they gave sparkling, riveting performances. 

Oh, and Norris and Rita's discussion of the engagement card Rita was sending to Rob and Tracy was also enjoyable.

A classic Corrie episode combining high drama and sharp lines. Can't wait till tomorrow. 

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