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Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Fantastic double episode of Corrie last night, after some recent episodes that dragged a bit. As ever with ace Corrie (and particularly with episodes written by Jonathan Harvey), many of the thrills were all in the asides: Kylie worrying her client was dead, and Gail marvelling over the efficacy of Michael's beanbag tray.

I also loved (and hooted out loud at) Nick standing in front of his new bistro sign wearing a top-to-toe face and stance of vengeful glee. I like how Nick's recent malice has shocked even David (usually the chief malice-maker of their household). It's been the death knell for my crush on Nick though. I can't being myself to fancy someone so spiteful, even if it is linked to his brain injury and heartbreak. So now my only Street crush is Rob (I'm choosing to overlook his murderousness). Oh and Lloyd, obviously (I've had a Craig Charles crush since the early-mid 90s). I read a preview which says Lloyd is shortly to find out the truth about Andrea (the truth being that she has a husband and a university-age child). I hope it doesn't mean Andrea's departure from the Street. Surely she can leave the husband and come to live near Lloyd; she could live with Eileen in her roomy and stress-free lodgings, perhaps. And get a job at the Rovers or the factory or Just Nick's (hoot!) Bistro! (For more on Weatherfield residents' inability to find work more than four steps from their front door, read the post before this one, written by my friend Tom in a fine return to blogging form.)

More observations from last night:

- Eva gets increasingly brilliant. I reckon she'll be around for years to come. She's Leanne's rock, Jason's true love, and will become the nation's sweetheart. Then they'll hit us with a massive traumatic storyline for her, and it will be amazing. 

- They need to give Steph more to do than eat chips and release balloons. Looking uncomfortable at Nick's rage is not making the most of her character.

- Sally + Tim = brilliant. Just brilliant.

- Deirdre complaining about Freshco's self service checkouts ("They scare me") and cigarette-buying process ("All those sliding doors... she sees me coming") while wearing what we can only describe as a classic Deirdre belt = brilliant.

- Peter Barlow has the same hipflask as me! I'd never use mine in a pub though, especially not a pub run by my best mate (as was... What actually is the status of Peter and Steve's friendship at the moment?).

- I like Tracy's non-appearance on screen being explained by her eating a burger in bed while pretending to be having a bath. Makes a nice change from going upstairs to play tapes. 

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