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Saturday, 12 April 2014


Last night's Corrie saw Anna reluctantly accepting Phelan's indecent proposal. I was drinking orange liqueur and eating a mini buffet at the time of watching, so unable to take a photo of the best part, which was Phelan, after Anna had zipped up her parka and departed Room 123 of the Hotel Dinge, rolling around on the bed and whooping, kicking his legs with glee while wearing a peach shirt over a white vest.

Meanwhile Anna went home and tearfully told her family she had to have a shower as she smelled of chip fat. It made me sad; I like Anna. And I like Owen too. He's become kind of hot.

I don't read previews so I don't know how this storyline will develop. I expect there are more tears to come. Possibly some more whooping from Phelan too, though I expect he'll get his comeuppance eventually.

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