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Monday, 22 February 2010

In these shoes?

Monday 22/02/10, 8pm, BBC One

Desiree mulls over Max's polishing fixation... and wonders why he didn't do his own head while he was at it.

Clunking symbolism strikes again. Having let Bradley down frequently while he was alive (not least by knocking off Brad's young bride), his father Max has seemingly spent the 72 hours since EastEnders' live episode last Friday polishing these shoes. You know, rather than letting people (Bradley's mum for one) know about the death. It is, the writers heavy-handedly hint, as if Max wanted to do something for Bradley, something nice, but now it's too late.

"You're a five and a half, aren't you son?"

It took a visit to the 'Viewing Room' for Max to realise that Bradley didn't need any shoes where he was going. It's all barefoot beachy paradise in heaven, apparently.

In these shoes? I don't think so.

"Wrong size, sis."
"Oh Max, you oaf!"
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